Happy Easter, Jesus Is Risen, Eid Gheyam Mobarak to All Iranian Christians, happy Easter to all Iranians
Happy Easter, Happy Resurection Day, Jesus' Empty Tomb is the main Principle of Our Belief as Followers of Jesus Christ, He has Risen, He is Alive and overcame Death so We may Have Ethernal Life, He died for our Sins on the Cross and after 3 days rose from Death, His Empty Tomb is the Sign of Our Hope & Victory

Iranian Christian Church of San Diego, California, USA

Mission Valley Chapel
6964 Mission Gorge Road, San Diego, CA 92120
Iranian Christian Church of San Diego Phone Number (619) 583-8295 Iranian Christian Church of San Diego Fax Number (619) 583-8285


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Opinions of ICCSD Webpage Surfers

From: Jila
To: iccsd
baradar sohrab dasteh showma dard nakonad barayeh sobh bekhayirha
Brother Sohrab Merci for Good Morning Friends Word of God teachings.

From: Abbas (Tehran)
I see your TV shows and like it much. i pray we have your tv show everyday before i go work and after.
God Bless You.

From: Ahmad T.
To: iccsd@farsinet.com

I am glad I decided to stop by at your church and see what's going on for myself. I was on a business trip in San Diego and I had some free time. I enjoyed visiting with the people in your church service and I even learned a few things.

For many years I have considered myself "BeeDin - No religion - Religion-less" but have never been able to deny God whole heartedly nor have I been able to relate to Islam. I am still seeking but my visit to the Iranian Church in San Diego was enlightening. I met several other x-seekers from different backgrounds and I could relate dto some of them. Best Wishes. A. T.

From: J. Z.
To: iccsd@farsinet.com

Thank you very much for your church home page. I found it very informative and a very good start to many iranian christian links. For years now God has been bringing iranians on my way and providing many opportunities to introduce them to Jesus.

Please pray for my business partner Reza S. and his wife Roya. They have been coming to our church and bible studies for a while now and I can see God working in their lives. Their almost broken marriage has been healed and Roya is expecting their first child after 17 years of marriage. Our bible study group prayed for a child for them for over a year.

God Bless you and your ministry. In His Love, J. Z. (New Mexico)

From: Gary. H.
To: iccsd@farsinet.com
Subject: Farsi New Testament

Please send me my free copy of the farsi New Testament. Send to Becky H., Augusta, Georgia 30909. Thank you.

To: iccsd@farsinet.com
From: lemmonst@acuprs.acu.edu (Thom Lemmons)
Subject: Novel of interest to Iranian Christians?

I noticed your website and couldn't resist asking: do you suppose any of your members would be interested in a novel I recently co-authored with Iranian emigre William Mirza (now deceased) of Modesto, CA? The title is PASSPORT, and it is set in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. The plot centers around an Iranian Jew named Ezra and his desire to leave Iran with his family and his fortune. Along the way, he has a life-changing encounter with a Messianic Jew.

Mr. Mirza's oldest son is a longtime worker with the Navigators, a parachurch world outreach organization based in Colorado Springs.

The book should be available at your local Christian bookstore. If not, they can easily order it for you. The book was published in March, 1995 by Victor Books (now a division of Chariot Family Publishing).

Thanks for your patience. God's blessings on your ministry.

Thom Lemmons

jim in Middle East
To: iccsd@farsinet.com
Subject: Farsi N.T.


Thanks for the New Testament. Please send a sample tract if available. I'm living in ..., and there are many Iranian workers here. I need a way to communicate the gospel. Thanks again.

Please send ordering info, I want to find a way to get a quantity of N.T.'s and tracts in country.

Lord Bless, Jim


You can find some Farsi Christian tracks in the ICI Online Catalog.

The online catalog is not complete yet, so I have .CC'ed ICI and asking them to send you an ICI catalog and also respond to your question regarding how to get a quantity of tracks.

Meanwhile, I am also forwarding your note to the Iranian Christian Church of Austin as well as San Diego and asking them to send you some Farsi tracts.

God Bless you, your family and your ministry, ICCSD WebMaster

From: "Kris M. T."
To: iccsd@farsinet.com
Subject: Greetings

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I saw your web page and just thought I would say "Hi." I am working with Iranians in the Washington D.C. area in Northern Virginia.

I pray the Lord's blessings upon you.

Sincerely, Kris T.

From: Cyrus
To: iccsd@farsinet.com
Subject: Christian literature

Please send me any available literature explaining you position on social issues.

Regards, Cyrus

From: D. P.
To: iccsd@farsinet.com
Subject: Prayer Request

I would like to make a prayer request for my husband and myself to have a child. I have been unable to get pregnant and I would just like for you to pray on my behalf.

Thank You, D. P.

To: iccsd@farsinet.com
Subject: Your Homepage

Greetings in Jesus Name,

Your home page is great. God bless you all.

Jim H.

From: M. R. W.
Subject:How do I recognize if a person is demon possessed? Then what do I do?
To: iccsd@farsinet.com

To whome it may concern,

How do I recognize if a person is demon possessed? Then what do I do?

Michael R. W.

From: iccsd@farsinet.com
To: Michael R. W.
Subject: How do I recognize if a person is demon possessed...

Dear Michael; Greetings and Merry Christmas,

You had a question about how you can recognize if a person is demon possessed and what you can do if that is so. I give you some symptoms which may indicate demonic possession. I have used a very useful book for obtaining this list. The name of the book is :"The Adversary" by Mark Bubeck, Moody Press.You may want to look at the pages 144-148. Here is a brief version of the possible demonic symptoms. I say "possible", because ultimately you have to relay on the leading of the Holy Spirit for the answer. Well here it is:

  1. A compulsive desire to curse the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit.
  2. A revulsion against the Bible.
  3. Compulsive suicidal or murderous thoughts.
  4. Deep feelings of bitterness and hatred toward those for whom one has no reason to feel that way (e.g., the Jews, the church, strong Christian leaders).
  5. Any compulsive temptation which seeks to force you to thought or behavior which you truly do not want to think or do.
  6. Compulsive desires to tear other people down even if it means lying to do so.
  7. Terrifying feelings of guilt and worthlessness even after honest confession of sin and failure is made to the Lord.
  8. Certain physical symptoms which may appear suddenly or pass quickly for which ther can be found no medical or physiological reason.
  9. Deep depression and despondency.
  10. Terrifying seizures of panic and other abnormal fears.
you can look at the Bubeck's book for a complete list. About your second part of the question: well, the only way to deal with demonic possessed people is :Much praying and fasting.First of all you need to get yourself prepared for such a spiritual confrontation.You need to make sure there in no unconfessed sin in your life. Second, you need to pray and fast that the individual would be willing to be delivered.Then there is need for an aggressive prayers in the presence of the individual. I would suggest do not do this by yourself. Have some strong mature Christians to be with you at the deliverance session.

Again I would strongly suggest these books:

  1. "The Adversary" by Mark Bubeck, Moody Press.
  2. "Overcoming the Adversary" by Mark Bubeck, Moody Press.

If I can answer any other question or if I can be an assistance to you in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact me. The Lord Bless You, ICCSD Ministry Team

From: Farhad
To: iccsd@farsinet.com

To My Iraninan Brothers:

Please give information on need in ministry to Iranians and specially meeting the need of the family of Iranian pastor who was Killed. I have Had a burden on my hearth for that Family ever since I heard the Story. Please Give update.

Let's hear some words of encourgment. Give some news as to what's happening in Iran with the church. May be you can not Post on the internet.Please write Back.

regards, Farhad


Salam and thanks for the email for ICCSD. Your note has been forwarded to iccsd and you should hear from them.

Meanwhile you may want to check ICI home page for some news on the Iranian Christians in Iran and outside of Iran. ICI prints a quarterly magazine called Mojdeh which includes special reports on Iranian Christians.

Regards, ICCSD WebMaster

To: iccsd@farsinet.com
From: Michael James Brady
Subject: Greetings

Greeting's in the name of our LORD and saviour, JESUS CHRIST.

We are at present Private Detectives by Profession in Edenvale, Johannesburg, South Africa. Most of our staff are Ex-Policemen, who are committed christians, and have the most wonderfull testermonies about working for GOD in a Lawless country, stricken by violence and UNGODLYNESS.

But the miracle is , God's spirit is moving and the lost are being saved, the broken hearted are being healed, the Prison door's are opening.


GOD BLESS. Brothers Peter and Mike.
Rom.10:14 // How must they know, unless you tell them.

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