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From: Dennis Phillips
Subject: Salaam!!!

I really enjoyed your website. I'm curently studying farsi. I'm also a christian, and I found this website to be very informitive. I never before realized the historical significance and importance of Persia and persians in the bible. I was moved by what I read. Thank you.


Thanks for replying to my letter. I downloaded the outline on Iran and the bible, very interinteristing stuff. Learning more about the Iranian culture and the lord at the same time helps keep my studies Jaalebeh.

Please continue to write me, I enjoy talking to others with similar interests. enshaallah I'll write you back soon.

Khoda-hafez Aquaa.





From: Henry Gainey
Subject: Who is the publisher of "Persia and the Bible" and Persian Music ?

Dear Iranbible,

I am working on a Musical Play based on the Biblical book of Esther. In order to be Biblically and historically accurate, I was seeking information on ancient Persia and came upon your website. Thank you for the excellent information. You mentioned the book, Persia And The Bible, by Edwin M. Yamauchi, but did not mention the publisher. How may I obtain a copy of this book? Also, could you recommend some Iranian music tapes or CDs I could buy to get a feel for the music of Iran? Christian music would be preferable, but any typical Iranian music would help. I visited Iran in 1967, and hope to go back someday.

Thank you.
W. Henry Gainey, M.D.
Pastor, Calvary Chapel Thomasville

Dear Rev. Gainey Salam, Mercy for visiting FarsiNet and Iran In The Bible WebSite. I am glad to hear you find this site useful.

Publisher of "Persia and the Bible" by Edwin M. Yamauchi is Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

You can contact Baker Book House at;
Fax: (616) 957-0965
Toll Free Fax: 1-888-263-7310
Phone: (616) 957-3110
Address: 2768 East Paris Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

You can also order books online at their website at;

As far as Persian Christian Music check this sites;

Good luck and hope you get to visit Iran again SOON and God Bless, Kourosh

From: Larry Garza
Subject: Ancient Persia / Nestorianism

Hello. I am a student of Persian history and the Bible. Currently I am studying "Persia and the Bible" by Edwin M. Yamauchi it is an excellent book! My wife and I are planning to visit Iran this year to visit Pesepolis, Pasargardae, Sushan, and Beshitun as well as other sites. I found the Web Site "Iran and the Bible" by doing a search on the internet with "Excite" for "Persian Kings". I am also very interested in the history of the Nestorian Church and I have travelled to places like China, Kyrghyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and other nations researching them. Do you know of some excellent, reliable and believing guides in Iran who could help me to explore the ancient sites and people?

Larry Garza
Heavenly Vision
Dickinson, Tx 77539-0421

From: FarsiNet WebMaster
To: Larry Garza
Subject: FarsiNet - Ancient Persia / Nestorianism

Larry Salam,

Mercy for visiting FarsiNet and glad to hear you found "Iran In The Bible" WebPage useful and interesting.

Did you take a look at Nazarene Christians In Iran?

As far as Travelling to Iran and travel guides, you should check Arthur Blessitt's Webpage. He just got back from Iran and at the end of his report he lists couple of travel agents/guides. I am sure He'll be glad to give you additional info;

God Bless and please keep us informed of your travel & experience to Iran. In addition, I would appreciate if you could send me a summary of Yamauchi's book, to share it with other "Iran In The Bible" visitors.

Isfahan, Shiraz, Hamadan, Yazd, Mashhad & Kerman are some must see cities. You can find additional information on some of these cities at

Regards, Nader

From:Larry Garza

Nader, Peace unto You and may God who wills it give you long life. Thank you for your encouraging response.

Aliekum Salaam, Larry

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