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    رستوران ايرانى ... غذاى ايرانى ... فارسى ايتز.كام

    New York

    Azarbaijan New Persian restaurant in New York

    Persian Restaurant & Catering

    A Top 10 New York Restaurants in 2005
    Home Style Cusine comes from faraway Places

    1610 Old Country Rod.
    Westbury, NY

    Iranian Restaurant Telephone Number in Westbury New York (516) 228-0001


    A Name you can trust.
    Kosher Persian Food (KOF-K Supervision)
    Catering and Take out
    Two convenient locations in Manhattan
    43 W. 39th Street
    New York, N.Y. 10018

    Iranian Restaurant Telephone Number in New York City (212) 354-8181
    Persian Restaurant Fax Number in New York City (212) 354-8184


    A Name you can trust.
    Kosher Persian Food (KOF-K Supervision)
    Catering and Take out
    Two convenient locations in Manhattan
    15 W. 47th Street D.T.A.
    New York, N.Y. 10036

    Iranian Restaurant Telephone Number in New York City (212) 869-8181
    Persian Restaurant Fax Number in New York City (212) 869-5582

    Jasmine Restaurant

    A Kosher restaurant with delicious menu
    Located at the Persian Rug Center in Manhattan
    Experienced cheff ready for your caterings
    11 East 30th Street (between 5th & Madison), New York
    Open on Sundays 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM

    Iranian Restaurant Telephone Number in New York City (212) 251-8884/5

    Nader Restaurant

    The first Persian Restaurant in New York
    Delicious food in a comfortable setting
    7 days a week Noon till 9:30 PM
    Ready for Catering and delivery
    48 East 29 St. (Park & Madison), New York

    Iranian Restaurant Telephone Number in New York City (212) 683-4833

    Patoug, Queens New York

    Patoug Restaurant and Catering
    Live music on Friday and Saturday nights
    Extensive traditional and modern Persian Food menu
    220-06 Harace Harding Expwy.
    Bayside, Ny 11365 (off exit 29 L.I.E. on Service Rd)

    Iranian Restaurant Telephone Number in Bayside New York (718) 279-3500


    1423 Second Avenu (b/w 74th & 75th St's)
    New York, New York

    Listed in Zagats NYC Restaurant Guide under Persian

    Persian Restaurant Telephone Number in New York City (212) 535-1100

    Persian Tea Room

    New York

    Persian Restaurant Telephone Number in New York City (718) 631-7676

    Kabul Kabab House

    Flushing, New York

    Iranian and Afghan Restaurant Telephone Number in Flushing New York (718) 461-1919

    Other Persian Restaurants in New York

  • Aresh - (516)351-2149
  • Alborz - (516)773-1010
  • Bamian - (212)481-3232
  • Bahar - (718)335-6828
  • Hafez - (718)460-4713
  • Abdollah - (718)539-6161
  • Kabol Cafe - (212)757-2037
  • Ravagh

    11 E. 30th St. (bet. 5th & Madison Aves.)
    New York, NY

    A true Persian restaurant, reasonably priced and has the best kabob in the city in my opinion. - TTakash

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