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Any suggestions on books for learning Farsi? For Children?

How can I contact my ex husband in Khoy Iran?

Need advice on how to find ex-husband in Iran was married to an Iranian man from Khoy Azerbaijan for 3 years. We were best friends for 3 years before that. After we married we had alot of ups and downs. We were both grad students and under lots of stress with little money and no jobs, my family didn't approve and there was alot of negativity against Iranians, etc. Eventually we divorced. He went back to Iran and for a couple of years after he went back he would call me and write to me and I would do the same. But after awhile I felt like it would be healthier for me to just make a break and I relocated several times and didn't let him know and lost his address/phones which at the time I felt like was for the best. But now several years later I have been thinking about him and I know we are not getting together but I just wish I could know that he is happy and healthy and has a good life because for a long time he was a very important part of my life even though we didn't always get along. and I have a happy good life now too. But the problem is how can I find him? I have searched through my papers, I have tried to remember his address and I cannot. All I can remember is that it was Khoy and he had a sister in Tabriz that I used to talk to on the phone and I cannot remember her name. I think Khoy is small but if I just sent a letter with his name and the city would he get it and I would not want to cause any problem or embarrassement for him because I do know that many people love to gossip. I have tried to find something on the Internet without any luck. Any advice would be very appreciated. Thank you so much. I wish this group had been around when I was married I think it would have helped me alot. - Thanks, Cate

Traditions/rituals used in Persian wedding ceremonies

I am an American-born Jewish woman who is marrying a Iran-born Persian man who has been living in the US since 1975.

We would like our ceremony to honor and combine our respective ethnic heritages (as opposed to our religions). Could you please suggest a few of the traditions/rituals used in Persian wedding ceremonies along with explanations of their symbolism?

We're also interested in possibly having Persian poetry about love and/or marriage read as an integral part of our ceremony. Any suggestions?

Thank you very much for your kind assistance... - Alison

We are moving to South Carolina... Any Persian community, Restaurants,...?

I am a Caucasian Catholic woman, engaged to an Iranian man.... we will be living in South Carolina and I wish to know if there are any Persian communities... restaurants... activities in this state.

I would appreciate any information or suggestions you might have.. or simply to hear any feedback you might can offer.

Thank you for your help. -Tonya

You can find list of Persian restaurants in NC at;

There is one restaurants in Charlotte North Carolina and another in Chapel Hill. These would be the best starting point. I am not sure how far away they are from South Carolina but I guess you can call them and ask about any Persian Grocery, as well as local Persian clubs, etc.

There is also an Iranian Christian group at Raleigh which might be able to provide some help.

I hope you can get plenty of useful info from these sources.

Regards, ZanAmu

Love A Moslem: A Support Group for Christian Women Dating or Married to Muslims

Hello, -- I am one of the moderators for Love a Muslim (LaM) at http://www.domini.org/lam/, an on-line support group for mostly Ch ristian women either dating or married to a Muslim. I enjoyed visiting your site and I read all the letters. I find ZanAmu very interesting, useful and complementary to our site LaM.

The "Loving a Muslim" (LaM) mailing list is a forum and support group for non-Muslim women (mostly Christian) dating or married to Muslim men. he purpose is to share our experiences and questions among ourselves, earn from each other and encourage each other.

Please visit our site and join LaM mailing list to participate.

American Wives of Lebanese or Arabs??

I found your website on Farsinet and am contacting you in case you might be able to help me. I am American; my husband is from Lebanon. I love his culture and embrace it but am hoping that you may know of organizations that are similar to yours (american wives of Lebanese or Arabs). Please let me know if you can help. Thank you. By the way, I think your site is wonderful.

Sincerely, Michelle

How to Make A Chador??




Salam Michael,
Mercy for visiting ZanAmu.
Here is the info I got from one of ZanAmu members regarding Chador;

Chador: It is a half-circle shape and the base of the half circle cloth should be 2 times the height of the person. In other words, the radius of the half circle should be the same as the height of the person who is going to wear the Chador.

Hope you find this info useful. - ZanAmu

Iranian Recipes

Salam sister,

Alhamdulillah I found your site as I really confused about married with Iranian guy. We just married a couple months ago. I'm from Indonesia. There's allot of thing that I must learn about him and about his culture. It hard for me because I don't have anybody here as we both live in Canada now. I really want to learn about how to make Iranian food. Because my husband want me to learn it. Beside it so hard to find halal food in this country, so I must cook at home. I really need your help or anybody who know what good food they usually made, or any Iranian recipe... please email me. Thanks a lot. May Allah bless you... - WS.

What is the Procedure for Getting Married??

Dear Great Ladies,

Firstly, Salam.
Let me introduce myself by giving you ladies a warm hug. I am Vaishnavee and I am an Malaysian.

Actualy, I am very happy to find this web-site. I didn't know who to ask as I badly need help. Let me get straight to the point.

My fiance's name is Mehdi and we plan to get married very soon. The only problem is that we both don't know the procedures. Mehdi went to the Iranian Embassy here in Malaysia but they were telling him that it is best if we get married in Malaysia. Again arises a small problem as I am not a Muslim by nature. So, we both, Mehdi and I want to know what should we do. And I also think that getting married in Malaysia takes a longer time because the govt. doesn't give preference for that. But I must tell you that I am very blur about this matter as I know the best place to find out is you people because you were the same like me at one time.

I would be very glad if you could help us out. If you have any questions about us, please do not at all hesitate to mail me. Thank you Ladies, "Ghoda Hafeez" Sincerely, Vaishnavee

How about Foreign husbands of Iranian wives?

Dear Zanamu --

Anything for the reverse: foreign husbands of Iranian wives? Given traditional strictures against cultural exogamy for Iranian women, we may not be legion, but there are four of us (banded together) in Tallahassee, Florida alone -- all quite appreciative of the treasure we hold and fascinated, sometimes frustrated, by the cultural differences.


From: H. Darvish
To: zanamu@farsinet.com I am agree with Peter. Why don't you put a home page for Iranian women married to foreign men . I want to hear about Iranian women married to foreign men too. Accept it.
From: zanamu@farsinet.com To: H. Darvish

Mercy for visiting ZanAmu page.
I agree with you that Iranian women married to foreign men should have a similar forum.

As you probably know, we don't do our page ourselves, FarsiNet takes care of all updates, etc. We have had couple other similar suggestions which we passed on to FarsiNet. They agreed to host it under their Non-profit Org program but they need somebody(s) to start the page by providing a statement of purpose, set of goals, a few of their own personal experiences, issues, etc to get it started. For ZanAmu page, there are three of us ladies (2 in Calif and 1 in London). We receive ZanAmu's emails and respond to them. Some of the emails that are general and possibly valuable to others, we send them to FarsiNet to be included in our page. Soooo, I guess you can do the same. If you are interested send some starting material to webmaster@farsinet.com.

If we can be of any help just send your email to zanamu@farsinet.com and a zanamu will get back to you.

Mercy Va Moaffaq Bashid, ZanAmu

Any American Women Married to Iranian Men In Tampa Area??

I am interested in hearing from American women married to Iranian men that live in the Tampa (Florida, USA) area. Is anyone active in Iranian cultural activities/groups? Would anyone be interested in joining such a group to learn more about Persian culture?
Thank you. Linda

What should I do for my boy friend's birthday?

I'm looking what is a traditional birthday celebration, i.e. birthday cake or pasties, song. What is a traditional birthday celebration for an Iranian. My boyfriend's birthday is July 24 and I'd like to do something special for him. If you have any good ideas please send me an E-Mail
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