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FarsiNet's Web Publishing Training

A Comprehensive Hands-on Project-based Web Publishing Training

P.O. Box 203425
Austin, Texas 78720-3425 USA

Email: Fax:(512) 794-1069

The following hands-on courses provide training on internet concepts, navigating the World Wide Web, HTML scripting, HTML authoring tools and techniques, Web site development and management, e-commerce, promoting your web site, Web site performance analysis and improvements and everything else you need to develop, maintain and manage your Web Site.

These courses can be configured to your needs and background and taught at a pace comfortable to your learning habits.

FarsiNet Introduction To WebPub (WebPub 100)

"Intro to WebPub" is a 10 hour training course conducted in 4 sessions. This course gives an overall view of all hardware/software/OS involved in WebPubI,II & III. We will review Windows OS, Unix basic file management, Text Editors in Windows and Unix, Basic hardware requirements, Internet, Web, Basic WebPublishing guidelines, Search Engines, Some Basic design concepts, Dos & Don'ts of Surfaing the Web, basic necessary skills required for Web Publishing and WebSite management, etc.
$350/Student at FarsiNet, $1000 (1-5 students) + Expenses at your site ($200 each additional student)
  1. Internet, Web, FTP, Mail,...
  2. Communication protocols, ISPs, T1, T3, Web Housting,...
  3. Internic, Domain Name, Extensions (.com, .edu,..), cost, OS

FarsiNet WebPub I (WebPub 101)

20 hours of lecture + Lab, excercises and experiments
$750/Student at FarsiNet, $3000 (1-5 students) + Expenses at your site ($500 each additional student)

Session 1 - Introduction to Internet, WWW & Web Publishing

  1. What is Web Publishing??
  2. What are the similarities/Differences between Web Publishing & DeskTop Publishing
  3. What is Internet, News Groups, Gopher, Archie, ..., WWW
  4. What is the function of a Browser?
  5. What are the differences between browsers?
  6. What is a WebPage, how about a HomePage? WebSite??
  7. What is URL? (Universal Resource Locator !!???)
  8. What is the default URL for a WebSite?
  9. Issues to keep in mind when designing WebPages (End user, User PCs, OS, RAM, User Modems, ISP,...)
  10. HTML and HTML Extensions.
  11. Creating and testing your HTML using your favorite browser.
  12. Formating your WebPage content (title, paragraph, ordered list, unordered list, image, comment...)
  13. Our First HTML Sample - Our First WebPage!
    • Webpage Title
    • Header1, Header2, Header3
    • Paragraph
    • inline image
    • Ordered List and Unordered List
  14. HomeWork = Review HTML 3.0 User Guide

Session 2 - Intro to HTML

  • Paragraph, Headers, Pre-formated text, blockquote,...
  • Lists (ordered list <ol>, unordered list <ul>, definiti list <dl>, ...)
  • Nested Lists: We can use lists within list. Use paragraph, images, links, etc. within lists
  • Font
  • Use <font> to specify text color and font size
    1. <font size=+2 color=red>
    2. <font size=5 color=#ff0000>
  • Decide on a naming convention and stick to it
  • Image, HTML, Audio, Video,... naming convention
  • Consider development OS & Server OS for naming convention

Session 3 - Tables

Session 4 - Web Promotion, Traffic Buildup & WebPub Tools

  • Search Engines
  • Robots, Spiders, Web Crawlers,...
  • How to exclude your site or parts it from Robots
  • Push vs. Pull information delivery
  • Capturing your Website Visitors' Email for Push
  • Netscape Navigator 3.0+, MSIE 3.0+, MS FrontPage, WinFTP32, TelNet, WORD,...
  • Desktop publishing (Word Processing) to HTML automatic conversions

Session 5 - Image, Animation, Icon Animation, Meta Tags,...

  • How/Why to use Low Resolution Images
    <img src=highres.gif lowsrc=lowres.gif>
  • GIF animation and other animation options
  • How to create Animation segments
  • Icon Animation - Img switch on MouseOn MouseOff
  • Where/Why/How to use Icon Animation
  • META tags - How, when, why to use
    • <META NAME="author" CONTENT="FarsiNet Inc. Web Team">
    • <META NAME="copyright" CONTENT="Copyright 1995-2024 FarsiNet Inc.">
    • <META NAME="description" content="FarsiNet's Web Publishing & WebMaster Training Programs">
    • <META NAME="keywords" content="web publishing, html, cgi, java, web browser, web site, home page, web page">
    • <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="5; URL=">

FarsiNet WebPub II (WebPub 102)

20 hours of lecture + Lab, excercises and experiments
$1000/Student at FarsiNet, $4000 (1-5 students) + Expenses at your site ($750 each additional student)
Webpub I & II, $1500/Student at FarsiNet, $5000 (1-5 students) + Expenses at your site ($750 each additional Student)

Session 6 - How to manage your WebSite on the road

  • Remote WebPage Update/Authoring
  • Remote WebSite management
  • Mobile Computing and Web Publishing
  • How/Why to hide files & dirs from robots
    • Robot Exclusion
    • Create file robots.txt in your SebSite's root directory
      User-agent: *           # directed to all spiders, not just Scooter
      Disallow: /mystuff
      Disallow: /cgi-bin
      Disallow: /images
      Disallow: /java
      Disallow: /html/personal

Session 7 - Performance Issues

  • How to measure your WebPage Performance?
  • Ways to improve your WebPage Performance
  • Impact of image, animation, java on performance

Session 8 - Symbols, Text formating, Page Formating,...

  • Symbols, Special Characters, non-english fonts
  • Background color for table cells
  • Text font, color, blinking,....

Session 9 - Forms, Form Processing & CGI/JavaScript/Perl

Session 10 - UI, GUI, IUI, CUA,...

  • User Interface Design Principles (UI)
  • Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)
  • Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI)
  • User Interface Deisgn guidelines - CUA (Common User Access)
  • User Interface Design Considerations for WWW

Session 11 - Frames

  • Frame: Its construct, uses and abuses
  • Why would you want to use frame?
  • Pros and Cons of Frames
  • Content partitioning and organization for Frames
  • Differences between Frame & Table
  • What about Browsers that don't support Frame?
  • Full Page Frame
  • 2 Window Frame
  • 3 Window Frame

Session 12 - Imagemap

  • What is imagemap and how it is used
  • Requirements
  • How to define hot spots on images
  • Pros and Cons of such Interactive Web GUI
  • How to properly partition images for image mapping
  • Imagemap fomat and an example
  • What about non-graphic browsers or places with no image access
  • Performance issues in imagemap deisgn
  • UI and user access issues
  • NCSA Imagemap Tutorial

FarsiNet WebPub III (WebPub 103)

20 hours of lecture + Lab, excercises and experiments
$1500/Student at FarsiNet, $7500 (1-5 students) + Expenses at your site ($1000 each additional student)
Webpub I & II & III, $2000/Student at FarsiNet, $7500 (1-5 students) + Expenses at your site ($1000 each additional Student)

Session 13 - WebPub Management

  • Management and maintenance issues of large Web Sites
  • Microsoft FrontPage - A tool for WebPub, management and maintenance
  • WebSite internal and external link lists and regular checkup
  • Automating the link add/drop process

Session 14 - Intro to Java

  • Java programming language fundementals
  • Java Applets
  • Java vs. C & C++
  • Java tools and Applet libraries
  • Microsoft Visual J++ and Viasul Studio

Session 15 - CGI for WebPub

Session 16 - Perl for WebPub

Session 17 - Java for WebPub

Session 18 - Database connectivity

Session 19 - Platform & Browser Independent WebPub

Session 20 - Advanced WebPub Graphics, Animation and Net-based games & Commerce

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