God's Truth About "Occult": Chapter Four

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(4.3) Why Hundreds of Languages Exist in the World?
(4.4) New Age


Reincarnation or rebirth of the soul in another body - Often people remark that they have been on earth before or that their spirit has been around for a long time. This feeling is sometimes reinforced by feeling of "deja vu" when encountering a situation. It is as if the incident has been previously experienced but when or where cannot be remembered. It can be felt upon entering a house or finding a scene which is strangely familiar that has never been seen before.

Witches sometimes deny believing in hell but that when they die they will experience reincarnation into another body. Word of God in Hebrew 9:27 disprove reincarnation and says: "Just as a man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment."

Scripture states: "When an evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, `I will return to the house I left..'" (Matthew 12:43-44; Luke 11;24-26)

Through deliverance work it became obvious to me that unclean spirits can inhabit human bodies, however they can not physically become a part of it. It is also clear that spirits can be picked up in hospitals if persons are susceptible and open to attack. Evil spirits leaving a dying person linger in places looking for a new "house." Weak or drugged and unprotected persons in trauma can become their victims and provide them an opportunity to enter.

Spirits may also travel through bloodlines, especially the occult spirits who originally entered due to family members dabbling with forbidden practices. God places a curse on families for three and four generations because of this original involvement with the occult. (Exodus 20:5)

Those spirits will then entice someone in each succeeding generation into occult activities. They can remain active in families for many generations. Some of these occult spirits may be limited in their search for a new house upon the death of those members of the family in whom they were originally housed. Their "familiar" or "family" spirits are perpetuated by such succession.

The feeling of having "been here before" or having "been around for a long time" can easily be the result of evil spirits who live in a person's body. The demons have indeed been around for a long time in the bodies of others in the family.

The fact that witches "know" they will be reincarnated is probably the projection of ancestral demonic entities living within. They can easily recall the happenings in previous generations. Unless renounced and the curses broken, these spirits will pass on to the victim's children and/or other family members where there is an open door. Experimenting with occult practices is a good way to open an entire family to attacks. People speak of the spirits of dead loved ones returning to talk with members of the family. For example a woman (whose young son died in an apparent suicide) claims that his spirit is now visiting and communicating with his grandmother. She claims "he" brings her information and also comfort by his "presence." In reality demon spirits who inhabited the boy's body and probably caused his death are arranging a cruel hoax - impersonation.

They can and do supply enough personal data on the deceased to convince the living that it is indeed a visitation by the grandson. In one congregation a pastor stated that perhaps the untimely death of members of the body was in order that they could communicate information back from behind the "veil". This is in fact encouraging the practice of necromancy (calling up the dead), forbidden by scripture. (Deuteronomy 18:11)

Those who attempt to do this will be wide open to demonic attacks and occupation!


Astrology, fifty centuries ago the Chaldeans of the Babylonian Empire observed the influence of the sun upon the earth and the moon upon the seas. They concluded that the planets were gods and, therefore, certain conjunctions of their movements would have an effect upon wars, governments, and the destinies of men. Other methods of fortune-telling, such as observing the entrails of animals, often proved unpredictable.

The position of stars were dependable. The ancient, as well as current astrologers, computed their predictions with a geocentric view of the universe. Imagine the spokes of a wheel. The center where the spokes meet indicates the location of the earth, and the outer rim signifies the path the sun takes through the heavens each day as it revolves about the earth. According to the astrologers, the area indicated by the outer rim is about 16 degrees wide and represents the zones of the Zodiac. What concerns Zodiac consultants are certain star constellations that appear within the pathway of the sun as it travels through the heavens.

This band is divided into 12 equal sections representing 12 divisions, or "houses," or the astrological zodiac. During the course of a year the 12 constellations, or signs of the zodiac, move through each of the 12 houses. In addition, each of the nine planets as well as the moon and sun move through each house every 24 hours. Just why the ancient astrologers did not take the many other constellation besides these 12 into account is uncertain. It may be that they reasoned the sun's rays would have to shine through the constellations to affect the people on earth below, keeping in mind that the earth lies within the model of the universe to which we are referring. To determine one's horoscope, the exact geographical spot of birth is coordinated with the date and hour of delivery. The conjunctions and relative positions of all heavenly bodies are considered by the angles they form with relationship to each other. Out of such information the horoscope is eventually computed.


Babylon was a big civilized city. The roots of sorcery, witchcraft, calling of spirits and fortune telling emerged from that city. One of Noah's grandchildren was the founder of Babylon. The first Bible reference to Astrology is in Genesis 11. Here we find the story of the building of tower of Baal.

Archaeologists have now discovered that this structure and similar towers were actually ziggurats, which the early Chaldeans erected to survey the heavens. Some ziggurats have been unearthed that give evidence of Zodiac signs actually inscribed on the circumference at the top. The bible says the purpose of the tower of Babel was to "reach unto heaven." This biblical metaphor could more accurately be paraphrased. "A tower whose top may be used to reach out unto heavens."

The Chaldeans were not simple nor ignorant but a highly advanced civilization. They had sense enough to know it was not literally possible to build a tower that would actually extend that far into the atmosphere. There is little doubt that its real purpose was to survey the stars for astrological purposes. Because these men sought to discover their destiny in the stars rather than communicate with God, judgment was brought upon them.

The people decided to build a city and a tower, the top of which would reach the heavens, to make a name for themselves, lest they become scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth. Until then the whole earth had one language and one speech. When God saw the wickedness of this tribe, He confused their language so that they may not understand one another's speech. The building of the tower was ceased.

Astrologers depend heavily upon the accuracy of determining the exact moment of birth in relationship to the position of the heavenly bodies. But who determines when a child is born? God, Mother or Nature? Man or Fate?

Often the doctor decides the hour of birth for convenience of his schedule as well as the mother's welfare. Would it then be possible for a physician to frustrate one's astrological destiny by using drugs to manipulate the moment when the baby emerges? Also, since life began at conception, would not that moment more accurately reflect the choice of one's astrological signs?

Astronomers, those who engage in the true science of stargazing completely reject astrology, relegating it to the rank of superstition. Yet millions of people waste hours and their money studying the signs of the Zodiac. In the end, they usually learn nothing about themselves except what they read into their horoscope (which generally is of a complimentary nature).

The Bible explicitly denounces astrology in many other passages. In Jeremiah 10:2 we read, "Do not learn the ways of the nations or be terrified by signs in the sky, though the nations are terrified by them." The prophet goes on to equate astrology with idolatry and describes the vain way in which the heathen seek to please and follow their astrological gods.

The clearest command against astrology is found in Deuteronomy 18:9 as the children of Israel were about to enter the Promised Land, God issued a sever warning against the practices of the heathen in that territory. One such warning was against any Israelites becoming an "observer of times," which is an Astrologer. This practice, God declares, is "an abomination unto the LORD". The penalty for its practice was death by stoning. Consulting one's horoscope, whether seriously or casually, is an act of defying one of the most solemn warnings of Scripture.

The futility of trying to use astrology to interpret God's dealings with man is portrayed in Daniel 2:27-28 and 4:4-17. In the former instance, Nebuchadnezzar's dream confounded the wisest of the court astrologers. Even though they were pagans, these seers were quick to recognize that true perception of the unknown is an attribute of a "God in heaven that reveals mysteries."

Many years later, Belteshazzar was reminded of the dilemma his father Nebuchadnezzar faced when he too was confronted by a mystery that his trusted soothsayers could not unfold. Once again the LORD's servant Daniel, was called upon because his wisdom excelled that of Satan's predictors. Those who consult astrology are displaying an anxious and fretful attitude.

Jesus said in Matthew 6:25 that we should "take no thought" for what might happen in the future. He declared that the necessities of life would be provided by our heavenly Father if we seek him first. Man does not need to know what lies ahead if he faces tomorrow with the help of God. The Christian may not know the future, but he does know the One who holds the future in his hands.

Psalm 19:1 says: "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." The emphasis of astrology is upon nature, rather than God. This Psalm points out that the purpose of the heavens is to declare the glory of God, not the affairs of men. The underlying philosophy of astrology declares that one's destiny can be found in the stars. In contrast, Christianity teaches that the events of life are determined by a combination of God's sovereign will and man's personal moral choices. On the other hand astrology, attempts to destroy man's accountability to God. Horoscope devotees may think they can fall back on blaming the stars for their actions. But the Bible teaches that someday all mankind will stand before God to be judged. (Roman 14:12)

Man is responsible for his conduct, and the LORD will not take into consideration the lame excuse that certain stars and planets were in the wrong conjunction. Christians are to trust the Holy Spirit to guide their lives, knowing that "If the LORD delights in a man's way, He makes his steps firm." (Psalm 37:23)

The guesswork predictions of astrology should hold no interest for believers who follow "a more sure word of prophecy." (2 Peter 1:21)

God in his mercy has veiled man's eyes to the future (except for those events detailed in eschatological biblical references). If it were possible to know the events of tomorrow in detail, most people would not place their confidence in God's wisdom to look lovingly after our future.

Satan who, according to Isaiah 14:14, wanted equality with the LORD, still desires to be man's substitute god. Astrology is a tool the Devil uses to entice men to replace trust in God with a faithless dependence upon the whimsical uncertainties of a horoscope.

New Age

New Age is an old adage. Like medieval metaphysicians and ancient Eastern mystics, the cult of New Age hails man and his paramount powers as center of the spiritual universe. For centuries, people have endeavored to consecrate themselves and evoke the mysteries of spirituality.

New Agers believe a "Copernican threshold" must be crossed to uncover the mystery of mankind's relationship to universal spiritual truth. Only then the present confrontational system of differing faiths will be replaced with a worldwide oneness of soul and spirit. Discovering this spiritual symbiosis is the globalistic goal of all New Age religious pilgrimages. Whereas past religions looked outward to the sun, moon, stars, and cosmic forces, those in the New Age who aspire to know hidden truths journey inward to find collective connection with the One Cause.

The New Age search is really a very old examination of occultism's principles and practices. Reincarnation, astrology, astral projection, soul travel, shamanism, goddess worship, visualization and affirmations of inner deity are not new modes of spirituality. They are ancient ways of claiming to reveal the link between man and God. The term New Age represents this consciousness, as well as the astrological prediction of the end-of-the-century arrival of an era called Aquarian Age.

New Age cultists and Mystics seek a divine being within themselves and strive to be an integral, conscious element of the universe. God becomes the self and the self becomes God. New Agers have their own buzzword known as it-autarchy. Basically, it asserts government by self. Hence, the political agenda of the New Age movement ranges from abortion rights to gay rights, even animal rights. For some, it includes polygamous privileges, prostitution, gambling, and for the most extreme drugs.

The New Age rage is intended to become a new world order in which all become one. Remember, all is one, one is God, you are one, and you are......that's right, God. And since the God in you makes all the decisions, then whatever you decide is right. And if someone disagrees? Well, there is the rub.

The Christian world view is quite different. God's "shalt not" is not an obvious avoidance of each circumstance's merit, but rather divine perspective that knows the source of ultimate good. Disobedience to God always brings heartache and dysfunction, not because God has arbitrarily ruled so, but because His character is the stabilizing force of the universe.

Thus, divine law is an extension of divine character. The Ten Commandments weren't meant to be the Ten Suggestions. They represent truth that is fundamental to the perpetuity of human good, just as the laws of thermodynamics are crucial to the continuance of the material universe.

One must wonder what's next on the New Age agenda. When they have exorcised all moral law from society's cognizance, will they next, deny gravity its binding role in the universe? Any solution to the human condition that ignores the heart's depravity and God's transcendent wisdom will not usher in the New Age. It can only perpetrate an old lie. Esoteric half-truths do not lead to God. They are manifestations of the "the secret power of lawlessness" spoken of in 2nd Thessalonians 2:7.

The marvelous insights and fascinating knowledge New Agers acquire are the "signs and lying wonders" of Satan and his Antichrist. Symbols of the New Age are the rainbow, globe, lotus flower, mandala and dove.

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