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His wife of 40 days SNORES and he wants a divorce!! (02/19/1997)
TEHRAN, Iran (Reuter) - An Iranian man has filed for divorce from his wife of 40 days because she snores all night, a newspaper said Tuesday.

"Believe me, over the past nights I have not been able to sleep at all...I am ready to divorce her on whatever legal grounds she wishes," the husband, named Gholam, was quoted by Iran News daily as telling the judge.

Farzaneh, the wife, said she tried to hide her heavy snoring by dissolving sleeping pills into Gholam's evening meal.

But to avoid divorce," said Farzaneh, "I am ready to sleep during the day and stay awake at night so that Gholam will not hear me snore."

The daily said Gholam had rejected Farzaneh's offer and arbiters had been appointed to consider the case.

Bozorg Alavi, the celebrated Iranian author and novelist passed away today (02/18/1997)
Bozorg Alavi, the celebrated Iranian author and novelist passed away today.
He was 93. Among his most famous works one can name "Her eyes", "Prison
memoirs", "Suitcase", and "The 53 [comrades]".

Bozorg Alavi published books and articles on social, cultural, and
political subjects and was exiled during the Pahlavi regime. He taught at
various universities in Germany and was living in Berlin.

In 1993 he came to Iran for a visit. A memorial will be held for him on
Thursday in Tehran's Al-Javad mosque.

Alavi had an early fascination with the written word. Sent as a youth to
Germany to pursue his education, he later came to consider his studies
abroad an obstacle to his creativity as he lost touch with his Persian
roots. On his return to Iran in 1927, he worked at a vocational school in
Shiraz and soon met Sadeq Hedayat, one of the great modern Iranian writers
who at the time had published his first books and was at the center of a
new literary movement in Iran. Alavi was warmly encouraged by Hedayat who
helped him with the publication of his first short story.

Alavi also became involved in political activities linked to the Iranian
Communist Party founded by Dr. Erani.  Eventually, Alavi, along with 52
other party members and sympathizers, was arrested and imprisoned for five
years. It was during his confinement that he felt himself very ready and
eager to write, but was constrained by the restrictions enforced against
political prisoners by the dictatorship of Reza Shah. The period from the
exile of Reza Shah in 1941, which saw the emergence of a modicum of
freedom of expression, to the CIA-led overthrow of Mossadeq in 1953, was
the most productive in Alavi's literary career. It was during this time
that he wrote his major works, such as, "Her Eyes." He learned about the
coup while on a short trip to Germany which forced his long exile. Not a
single word of his work was permitted to be published in Iran under the

Some of his books:

DT   Mirza
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DT   Varaq parahha-ye zendan
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DT   Panjah-o seh nafar
PI   Tehran : Amir Kabir, 1357 [i.e. 1978].

DT   Geschichte und Entwicklung der modernen persischen
PI   Berlin, Akademie-Verlag, 1964.

DT   Salariha / nivishtah-i Buzurg Alavi.
PI   [Tehran] : Sazman-e Entesharat Javidan, 1357 [1978].

DT   Namahha
PI   Tehran : Amir Kabir, 1357 [1978].

DT   Chamadan
PI   Tehran Muassasah-e Entisharat-e Amir Kabir, 2537 [1978 or

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DT   Her eyes; translated by John O'Kane.
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SE   Modern Persian literature series ; no. 9.

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