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Welcome to HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIANS IN IRAN Music History Of The Christians In Iran - A book by Zarin Behravesh Pakizegi

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by Zarin Behravesh Pakizegi


In the long view of history, the mideast has been seen as "the huh of the nations". For centuries, though countless cultures, magistrates and ideologies, the world has had to turn and take penetrating looks at the crescendos of activity that reverberate there on an almost daily basis.

That political, philosophical and religious eyes observe this sector of world which curiosity and riveted interest, is in itself a testimony to the awesomeness of this venerable sector of the globe. But beyond this, analysts also continue to probe for associative meanings and links between the mideast and the rest of the world. Recent events have impressed this on every level of society and nationality. Today's school children are seeing history being made as it has been being made for centuries. Few eras have remained unmarked by these centers of civilization from time immemorial.

Present-day Iran, Persia, ascended with dramatic power and display during its prime. Its pulsating march resounds throughout secular history. It holds a place of brilliance in the meticulously preserved pages of the Bible. Therein are found allusions to the past and prophecies of Iran's adherence in the future.

However, as seen in the theme of this book, no history of Iran can begin to be complete without exact understanding of the impact of the Christian church in the world view. It is not possible to relegate Christianity to a socio-religious pantheon. It simply will not condescend to that. The message of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, as the Savior of the world, and as the coming Sovereign of the ages is a mandate, not an option.

The Bible message and the testimony of Christ was, is, and always will be that he is "the way, the truth, and the life", and that no one can come to God and father except through him.

With probing, penetrating insight and compassion, the author, Zarin Pakizegi, captures the incredible scope of patience, pain, determination and faith among Iranian Christians which have preserved through the centuries. From a well-qualified mind and heart, she has accomplished a much-needed and significant statement of lasting value.

Any one honestly seeking to gain a full perspective of things past, present and things to come will find this text invaluable and enlightening.

Rev.John M. Whorrall

June 1992


1. The Background   1
2. The Christians in Iran from the First to the Seventh Centuries   5
3. The Christians in Iran during the Arab and Islamic Occupation   33
4. The Safavids and the Early Missionary Effort   49
5. The Ghajar Dynasty and the Protestant Missionaries   77
6. The American Missionaries in Iran   95
7. Post War Mission Activities in Iran   145
8. The Churches in Iran under the Pahlavi Dynasty   169
9. The Revolution of 1978 and the Persecution of Christians   199
10. Christian Denominations   211
11. Christian Martyrs under the Islamic Republic of Iran   235
12. Literature and radio Ministries   245
Select Bibliography   265

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  • Iranian Christians International [#5550035 (Persian), #5550059 (English)] Iranian Christians International Phone Number(719) 596-0010 Iranian Christians International Fax Number(719) 574-1141
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    Note: Available in both English and Farsi

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